So it’s Sunday the 22nd of March. I feel completely recovered from what I suspect to have been a mild bout of Coronavirus. I can’t be sure of course as I haven’t been tested. That said I’m 90% certain it was as it had some of the expected symptoms.

It’s also hard to put into words but the experience, on some level, was as if my immune system was slightly baffled and at times didn’t know what to make of what it was it responding to. The kind of response a virgin immune system might have to a novel virus perhaps.

Like as if you’re walking down the street and some guy comes out of a shop in front of you walking on his hands. Visually and socially odd, but processable. It thankfully did its job however and I personally hope it was Coronavirus – if that was my lot I’ll take it.

I’m looking forward to going back to work. It sounds odd but I feel better knowing (probably) that I’ve had the disease and that I can now do my job without looking over my shoulder. I’ll still take the necessary PPE precautions of course, but I will be happy to put myself forward to see suspected patients if other colleagues are not so sure of their status. Pretty soon I don’t think any of us will have a choice however.

During my week off the organisational Covid emails and whatsapp groups are ramping up their activity and number as the NHS locally seeks to get ready. The root and branch changes to the local structure that are happening are truely staggering. And being done in record time.

I take some heart in that even if we ultimately get completely steamrollered as they have been in Italy, then we will have done so in an organised, rather than disorganised, fashion. Time is not on our side however.

In addition to working in the community hospital I also do a day a week in a GP practice, although I’m not back there for another couple of weeks. I have some time off coming up as all previously booked holiday plans are scuppered. I can’t imagine it will be difficult to fill these with work dates going forward unfortunately. Any days I do have off will be for downtime. This will not be a sprint but a marathon.

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